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Azeribaijan Falsification of Khojaly Events, Solid Proofs...

The aim of the blog is to analyze the data and provide objective information about the events in Agdam, during which civilians of Khojaly village were killed. Agdam events have become one of a major promotional factors used by Azerbaijan against the Armenian side.At the same time work on the factual material showed that the Azerbaijani side is using a large number of fakes, including the use of photographs of people killed in other conflicts or natural disasters.

Целью блог  является анализ данных и представление объективной информации об агдамских событяих, во время которых погибли мирные граждане поселка Ходжалу. Агдамские события стали одним из основных пропагандистских факторов, используемых Азербайджаном против армянской стороны.
При этом работа над фактологическим материалом показала, что азербайджанская сторона использует большое количество фальшивок, включая использование фотографий людей, погибших во время других конфликтов либо стихийных бедствий.

Azerbaijani side claim the death toll is 613 civilians, it is absolutely evident that the Khojaly events, by no means, fall under the category of genocide. In spite of this, Azerbaijan, on a governmental level, is engaged in presenting the Khojaly events as genocide

human rights watch report of death toll amounted to 100-200 only yet Azeris had to exaggerate this figure.

***Given the fact that the Azerbaijani side fully controlled the territory where the Khojaly inhabitants were killed and had the opportunity to make an unimpeded and unrestricted survey not only of the very spot but also of the dead we start our study of the events.


what really happened:
It's important to point out that In April 1992, the first President of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mütallibov during an interview with a Czech journalist Dana Mazalova confessed that Azerbaijani opposition was guilty of the Khojaly tragedy, and that Armenians had left an open corridor for the citizens to pass through before attacking. This was the last "mistake" of Ayaz Mütallibov, which produced a fertile ground for Aliyev to accuse him in betrayal. Later, Ayaz Mütallibov had to resign and flee from the country. the interview is archived and what Ayaz Mutalibov said can be verified. 

the information given by the 1st president of Azerbaijan, and many other facts prove that Khojaly citizens were killed by Azerbaijani government. For instant, the corpses of the victims were not found in Khojaly, but they were found in Aghdam, a place controlled by Azeri forces and about a kilometer far from Khojaly.

The fact that whoever spoke of the true events of Khojaly from Azerbaijan either was killed or jailed like Eynulla Fatullay should not be ignored.

***Chingiz Mustafaev the one who took the video footage of the victims, as he took photos of the victims in one day and later he came back to the  same spot where the victims were lying to find out that someone manipulated and scalped the bodies,  after he started to make questions he was killed. also the fact that he was able to take 2 video footage  in 2 different days proves that Khojaly civilians were killed in a region controlled by Azeri forces during that time. 


Questions that have never been answered about Khojaly Events?! Click to see
                                              Materials that will be used in this topic:
***It would be great if you read and see all the materials presented in this part of my blog, but I assure you if you skip all of this and only look and read the descriptions below each photo you will get to know the ultimate truth.

How do you explain that Azeri video footage shows the bodies of the dead with signs of abuse (scalping, cutting off limbs/soft tissue). On the other Azeri video footage the same dead are revealed, but with no traces of abuse (the same corpses are not scalped and limbs/soft tissue are not cut off). It is obvious that between the first and subsequent shooting of the Azerbaijani operators someone abused the bodies of the victims. Who and for what purpose mutilated bodies of people? 

Some photos used by Azeris do not belong to Khojaly victims, taken from other disasters and presented as khojaly victims, I will show where these photos were actually taken from , these fake photos being used and held in protest signs by Azeris will be viewed and on their websites and media other photos are photos of the actual victims but we can clearly see some victims are being used twice and even triple times to demonstrate a role of a different victim(s) - in one photo the body would be scalped and has torture signs in another photo of the same victim would be just a dead body with no scalps or torture signs.

1 minute refutes Azeri lies 
(Czech Journalist Dana Mazalova EyeWitness ) 

                                                                  More Videos:
                                              Full Press Conference of Dana Mazalova  
 Khojalu(Turkish Georgian Meshkhetians) thank Armenians for Saving them From Azeri Turks

2 irrefutable proofs before the photos evidence 


While international calls for his release (such as this one in France) may not have had an immediate effect, Eynulla Fatullayev says, "They couldn't have killed me with everyone watching."


non-Armenian source telling about the Azeri journalist who was jailed for telling the truth about Khojaly and blaming Azerbaijani opposition for killing their own people. 

look what he says:

"Fatullayev defends his 2005 comments — which held Azerbaijani fighters, not Armenians, responsible for the 1992 killings — as consistent with those put forward by the Azerbaijani government itself, but says the regime has long sought to use the Khojaly events to persecute its opponents.

"Look at Ayaz Mutalibov, the first president of Azerbaijan," he says. "He's still under criminal investigation, and for what? Complicity in the Khojaly events. Officially he is charged with failing to protect his citizens and exposing them to danger. Fahmin Hajiyev, the head of Azerbaijan's interior troops of the country, spent 11 years in prison because of the Khojaly events.

"Every year, Azerbaijani television shows some strange little groups of people demonstrating and holding portraits of Azerbaijanis who are considered — by the Azerbaijani government, not by me, the government was the one who demonstrated it — to have participated in the Khojaly massacre. The Azerbaijani government itself used the Khojaly issue to undermine the reputation of the Azerbaijani opposition who had been in power at the time. And then to turn it around and put all the responsibility on me — to arrest a journalist — it's nonsense, it's a disgrace perpetrated by the Azeri government."

read more(non-Armenian source):


Azeris keep quoting from made up sources that don't exist, they keep quoting from an alleged book called "Revival of Our Soul" allegedly written by the well respected Armenian writer Zory Balayan with quotes admitting of committing Khojaly massacre against those barbarians  and also for The Sake of Cross by Daud Kheyriyan and many other fake books that don't exist 

an Azeri website quoting this non-existent book:

Zory Balayan never wrote such book, this is a made up book by Azeris.

Zory Balayan challenged anyone to show a copy of the book 
here you can see his statement about this book: 

also you can check Zory Balayan wikipedia page and check the list of his books, a book with the name "Revival of Our Soul" is not listed among his books. 

here scroll down to "Books" section: 

Azeris also keep quoting from their own fabricated editions of writings for famous writers making bad remarks about Armenians. this is easy to verify, just read original publish works of any famous writers Azeris quote from accusing of making bad remarks about proud Armenians and you will see the alterations and total fabrication of whole quotes.


Reportages similar to the aforesaid can be found in Trend, Bakililar,,,,, and other Azerbaijani Web Sites spreading around a new “brand” named “genocide”.

The scene of the valley, bestrewed with dead bodies could shock even the prepared onlooker, that is why such sequences are used in the reportages in the capacity of a shocking element. But the Khojaly events are illustrated with photographs of pogroms in the Balkans which happened in 1999

Besides, the original photograph is a color photograph, but, apparently, the Azerbaijani propagandists realized that black-and-white photos correspond more to “genocides NO.2 и NO.3”. Then it was just a technical matter: using an ordinary editorial program, for example, the Photoshop program, to decolorize the photograph is not difficult at all.

the Original colorful Photo of Kosovo Victims:

The same photo in black and white used by Azerbaijan:

First you can see Azerbaijanis holding protest signs showing this photo 
as khojaly victims and Azerbaijani websites showing this photo as khojaly victims:

Azeri websites using this photo for their fabrication of khojaly events:

Finaly the ultimate proof that this photo is taken from Kosovo, watch the following video and you will be seeing a video report from Kosovo showing these victims lying on the ground  (to see this exact (VIDEO) shoot you can skip to minute 2:01):

Video here  
you may skip to minute 2:01

The original report here  you may skip to second 00:40

This photo belongs to a child from the Bhofal disaster in India in 1984 see the link below: 
or just google "Bhofal disaster" and check images section or the reports to see the photo of this child.

Azeris share it on their blogs and websites as khojaly victims in 1992 

Here is a multilingual blog illustrating “the brutality of Armenians”, the sufferings of a mother, dead children, etc.

The campaign “Justice for Khojaly ” continually gains in scope.  However, a validity check showed that the illustrated events took place in 1983, during the destructive earthquake in Turkey. This photograph is separated from Khojaly by 9 years, a couple of thousands of kilometers and by the ethnic identity of the dead, as in the photo Kurds are depicted.

the above photo is from, and many other azeri websites being used in the role of “victims” of Khojaly, contrived to offer neither more nor less than… Hamas fighters annihilated by the Israeli forces.

orginal photo used in AL Jazeera Arabic TV News Channel to show the victims of Hamas fighters annihilated by the Israeli forces:

The photograph of a child “tortured and killed in Khojaly by Armenians” is largely disseminated as a factual material used as an indication of “brutality” of Armenians.

“The dead Azerbaijani child on the Khojaly roads”  ( Year 1992 )for some reason appears in A. Orekhovski’s reportage “A Long Way to Erkech published in the newspaper “Komsomolec Kuzbasa” on January 25, 1991.

However, the validity check showed that the photo has no connection either with the “Komsomolec”, or with “Khojaly : in these photos taken by the reporter Oleg Litvin are the victims of the act of terror in 1989

The most striking and important thing in all this is that the child photographed in 1989 can by no means be a victim of events at Aghdam-city, at night on 25-26th of February,1992.

The Azerbaijani chronicles, on the Azerbaijani-controlled territory, on some pictures the corpse is scalped, on the others - it is not.

There is no doubt that this is the same man - for that one only needs to compare the pictures.

Watch the above posted comparative photo:

1) The presence of hair covering and scalped skull of the same person
2) The beard
3) The sweater
4) The leather jacket
5) The blanket on which the body rests
6) The white shirt

The picture of the same man used to show 2 victims one is dead with no torture and the other was scalped alive.

The picture of the dead man with no scalped head used on Azeri media:

The picture of the SAME dead man with scalped head used on Azeri media:

In reality it turned out the Azerbaijani themselves bear a hand in the case of the scalped dead body.

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain that the same body figures in two hypostases in the Azerbaijani chronicle namely.

There is no doubt that it is one and the same man in the photographs. One must only compare the two photographs.

1) the lilac shirt (in both photographs)
2) “the scalped” skull in one photograph and luxuriant hair in the second photograph
3) the moustache (in both photographs)
4) the opened eyes (in both photographs)
5) the striped jacket (in both photographs)
6) the band (the scarf on the neck) (in both photographs)

Photos of the same man used as 2 different victims:


Compare Photo:

In view of the very serious suspicions as to the “staged” character of the photograph, the video-chronicle on which the dead were depicted, were put on the most serious study. The very girl was uncovered, but… in clothes.

the same girl is mentioned in a role of the three victims of Khojaly, first by the side of rather an old dead body. Every pathoanatomist would confirm that these two corpses belong to different periods of time and different spots of territory. The first body is already on a serious stage of decomposition taking into consideration the swollen and blackened face, while the second one is the very girl who is acting in the role of “three hypostases in one ousia”: just a body, a raped body and a body in the morgue.
The wound on the leg is of special interest (point 5 on the photograph compared). In the photograph, when in the field, it is encircled with a bruise which can point out the lifetime origin of the trauma. But in the morgue its place is taken by a gaped hole, obviously of posthumous origin, the indicatives of which are the contours of the wound: its form and the absence of haematoma around it. There is no point in speaking about a bullet wound, either, since the inlet is of some other form.
Now let’s compare the photographs:
1) the blouse
2) the dress
3) the blanket
4) the wound on the leg
5) the girl in a violet jacket is the megaphone of Azerbaijani propaganda.

The weepy article about the wretched children languished in the Lachin “buchenwald” is spiced with a photo-fact illustrating the “miserable Azerbaijani children”… However, by the validity check it turned out that they are Afghan refugees.

More Details mentioned in the third picture above.  

Photos of the same man used as 2 different victims:



Compare Photo:

The hackneyed cruel plot on the subject matter of “excised breasts” nearly takes the central place in the ideological propaganda of Azerbaijan.

The shots with a woman with excised breasts are frequently demonstrated in the video-reels on the “brutality of Armenians”.
But, as it turned out, the Azerbaijani agitprop overlooked not the least of the details, that is, the very woman with tied legs (see photo), is depicted on the sequences of the same  video- chronicle, and her breasts are not excised at all.
When comparing the two photographs, it is obvious that one and the same woman is photographed in them:
1) the leggings
2) the brightly colored skirt
3) the striped sweater
4) the breasts
And on the backstage shots one can see that the striped sweater is pulled over her head.
It could have been found conceivable that “knackers” had cut the breasts off and then put the sweater on their place. However, it conflicts with logic as the things are just the opposite in photo № 14, where the whole loathsome thing is put up for show.

The absence of blood and other signs of posthumous touch to the body of the dead, is obvious as the striped blouse is tucked into a dark shawl which is wound around the girdle. And when lifting the dark shawl, the tucked part of the blouse must have come out, too, which is not observed, though.

Pay attention to the skirt: in this photo it is carelessly pulled up which is natural when falling down and which points out that after falling the body was not touched. Whereas in the photo with excised breasts, the skirt is carefully smoothed out along the body which indicates that this time the body was touched.
But at the moment of photography there was no trace of Armenians, was there?



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