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Armenian Genocide 1915-1923 by Ottoman Turks

The Armenian Genocide committed against Armenians and other Christians between the years 1915-1923 in the Ottoman Empire claimed the lives of more than 1.5 million Armenians on their native lands which are currently under occupation by Turkey the successor of the Ottoman Empire, which still until today denies and even justifies the Genocide using all methods of distorting facts and history which are proven in all countries' archives who were involved in World War  I, most importantly Germany which was the main and the first Ally of the Ottoman Empire. what is worth mentioning is that Germany has recognized the Armenian Genocide along with more than 20 countries which are: Argentina,Austria,Belgium,Brazil,Bolivia, Belarus, Bulgaria,Canada ,Czech, Chile,Cyprus ,France,Germany,Greece ,Italy ,Lithuania,Lebanon , Luxembourg, Netherlands , Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland,Uruguay, Vatican City, Venezuela. in addition to 43 American States out of 50, knowing that the American Congress adopted a Resolution which recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide in 2011. but it was opposed by Obama's administration contrary to Obama's pledge (click to see) to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide when he was a candidate under the justification that this would jeopardize the American-Turkish relation after Turkey pulled back its ambassador from Washington and threatened to close its airspace which is being used by American Air-forces, as it was used in America's bloody un-justified War against Iraq and still being used for Afghanistan and others, Turkey has also threatened to end all of the diplomatic relations with the US. It is worth mentioning that what was committed against the Armenians was also committed against Arabs including Lebanese. and the Great Arab Revolt was initiated by the Sherif Hussein bin Ali against the unfair regime of the Ottomans in refusal to their unjust and most horrible crimes, torture and murders against Arabs. Lebanon and Syria are the only Arab Countries which have recognized the Armenian Genocide so far.

The Armenian Genocide has been recognized by the following International Organisations: 
The European Parliament, The Council of Europe, The World Council of Churches, Human Rights Association - Turkey, the European Coalition Of Christian Youths, the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal, and the market.

The Turkish government until today still have not admitted the Armenian Genocide, not even a simple apology was made, contrary to some of the Turkish Citizens who are demanding for a review of the history and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, recently 200 Turkish intellectuals and academic started a campaign asked for a recognition and apologized for the Armenian people and was supported and signed by 30,000 Turkish Citizens, which was described by Turkish politicians and nationalists a treachery and an insult to the Turkish nation claiming that no one has the right to insult their ancestors and accuse them of crimes they have not committed.

Thanks and appreciations go to the Turkish Author Orhan Pamuk the winner of Nobel prize in Literature, who have publicly condemned the Armenian Genocide and mentioned that over 1 million Armenians were killed in a policy of extermination by the Ottoman empire. as a result he was prosecuted in Turkish courts under the charge of insulting the Turkish nation and of insulting the founder of the Turkish republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. considering his statements a crime must be punished under the Article 301 of the Turkish republic institution and law. but he was finally discharged in 2006. In February 2007 he received threats to be killed and was told by the Turkish authorities that those threats are serious. which forced him to escape to the United States.

I mention with deep regrets and prayers the Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink who lived in Turkey as a Turkish citizen carrying  the Turkish nationality and was murdered in 2007 in front of his Journalism office by a young Turk. as before he was killed Hrant Dink received harassments and threats by Turkish nationalists through the post mail and e-mail services and messages to his mobile-phone due to his support and public statements to the Armenian causes and his calls to the Turkish government to Recognize the Armenian Genocide, until he was shot dead with three bullets, the murderer was arrested and have been sentenced only recently in this year 2012 with unfair verdict, and a request was made to re-start the trail but procrastination is being implemented.

I also thank many of the Turkish intellectuals  and lawyers who call for the recognition despite being charged and threatened to be imprisoned.

My warm Thanks finally go to Hasan Kemal; the grandson of Kemal Pasha one of the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. who has recognized the Armenian Genocide and went to the Armenian genocide monument in Yerevan the capital of Armenia and laid followers to the victims of his Grandfather.

Map of Countries which have Recognized the Armenian Genocide:
-Dark Green indicates the countries which have officially recognized the Armenian Genocide.
 -Light Green indicates  Countries where certain political parties, provinces and/or municipalities have recognised the events as genocide, independently from the government as a whole.

French Writer Speaks On Denial Of Armenian Genocide

                                                 A Powerful Documentary by German 
(showing its Archives and Testimonies of their Diplomats and Missionaries of other countries) it consists of 9 parts you can see the other parts on the suggested videos list 

Now I will be presenting some of the photos of the Armenian Genocide victims, Orphans and Deportees from the Archives.

Children waiting in the snow for admission into the 'Orphan City' 

Armenian women tortured and crucified 

Remains of the Armenian corpses burnt alive in the cattle-shed in Aly-Zrna 

Execution of Armenians in the Constantinople, June 1915

Deportation of the Armenians in the Baghdad railway-Historical Institute of German Bunk,Eastern office record,1704 

In 1922-1923 Near East Relief evacuated 22000 children from orphanages in interior Turkey to Syria and Greece. This picture shows part of the 5000 children from Kharput en route on donkey back and foot.


Armenian refugees at the pyramid made from the sculls of Armenian martyrs 

Armenians burnt alive in Sheykhalan by Turkish soldiers, 1915 

The remains of Armenian children, drawned in the Black sea, Trapezund, 1916 

Perishing Armenian deportees. Street in Deir-es-Zor, 1916

Dead of exhaustion: a deported Armenian child

Armenian deportees sleeping in the street, 1915

Armenian child starved to death, 1916

The remains of Armenian victims in a channel near Yerznka 


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    Tutoring is good.

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  3. so did each age have a ceartain thing done to them it seems like men were hung and women were crucified and the children were just left to starve im very confused on how this is working.

    1. Crucifixion was likely never used as a method of execution during the Armenian Genocide. The image above showing a row of crucified women is not historical footage, but actually from the 1919 film "Ravished Armenia" based on the memoirs of genocide survivor "Aurora Mardiganian" (born "Arshaluys Mardigian," and the crucifixion scene was added to appeal to western audiences who rallied around the Armenian Genocide as a wholly anti-Christian genocide, and far less an about the Armenian people. The image of crucifixion played into the Western imagination of the persecution of Christianity by savage Muslims in the Ottoman Empire. In reality, it's more likely some Armenians were impaled on a sharp stick rather than nailed to crosses. But for the most part, able bodied Armenian males were rallied up an executed by firing squad, and the remaining Armenian women and children were forced from their homes, and forced to march through miles and miles of Syrian and Mesopotamian desert, without food or water. Most did not survive, but children were more likely to survive, require less food, and also benefiting from their parents' sacrifices for them. This is why orphanages for Armenian children became so ubiquitous following WWI. That doesn't even account for all the children who were orphaned though, as many were sent directly into Turkish boarding schools, or sent to work in Turkish homes as servants, and forced to forget their Armenian language and heritage.

  4. Those Turks were BASTARDS KILLERS !!!!!! To hell with them

  5. I am Armenian and I hate Turkish people

  6. Only one question just answer this,when turkish government ask for open the records for both sides and giving the full supports for investigation,for international council including both sides historians and independent historians and experts, why is the answer always no or silence from the Armenian side?one question!

    1. You always like to ask "why Armenia isn't accepting an international committee to investigate the Armenian Genocide?" as if it needs investigation...

      Turkey paid muslim brotherhood in Egypt lots of money to have the Egyptian archives about the Armenian Genocide burnt:

      they keep bluffing with this demand as if they left any archives that would condemn them, if they got to other country's archives and erased them, do you really think they left any in their own country that would condemn them? or would they really give access to any of these archives if they still exist? lets find out:

      they chose to not mention and ignore the fact that in 2003, the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission (“TARC”) atthe time requested The International Center for Transitional Justice to examine the events of 1915 as a
      case of genocide. The ICTJ issued its finding that “the Events, viewed collectively, can thus be said to
      include all of the elements of the crime of genocide as defined in the Convention, and legal scholars as
      well as historians, politicians, journalists and other people would be justified in continuing to so describe
      them.” The Turkish members of the Commission rejected this finding and broke TARC apart.

      in 2009 on Armenia's initiative the Zurich protocols were signed between turkey and Armenia in which a normalization of relations between the two countries would take place and the borders blocked by Turkey since 1993 would open if the agreement was implemented, and the protocols called on both countries to implement a dialogue on the historical dimension with the aim to restore mutual confidence between the two nations, including an impartial scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations.

      Turkey however refused to ratify the agreement putting a precondition that Armenia withdraws from Nagorno Karabakh (the protocols also did not mention the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh) first before they agree to ratify the agreement , this precondition made it impossible for the agreement to work.

      they lie about everything, here is Armenia's response to Turkish suggestion of forming a commission:

      In 2005 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan invited Turkish, Armenian and international historians to form a commission to reevaluate the events of 1915 by using archives in Turkey, Armenia and other countries.Armenian president Robert Kocharian responded:

      "Your proposal to address the past can't be effective if it does not refer to the present and the future. To start an effective dialog, we should create a favorable political environment. The governments are responsible for the development of bilateral relations, and we have no right to delegate that responsibility to the historians. Thus, we have proposed and we again propose to establish normal relations between our countries without preconditions. In this regard, an inter-governmental commission can be formed to discuss the outstanding issues to resolve them and maintain mutual understanding"

  7. It is horrible to watch at all these photos made by people, or whatever they are, I don't know

  8. this debate is never gonna end, let the expert historians solve this complex.