Questions that have never been answered about Khojaly Events?!

1. Why the killed were in the immediate vicinity of the Azerbaijani positions, where the Armenians never appeared?

2. If the Armenian side was going to decimate the population of Khojaly then why it was warning for a few days through the speakers that there will be offensive?

3. Why Armenians provided a corridor for refugees, and then, risking either the outcome of the operation (Khodjali’s strategic importance widely known) and their lives, instead of just keeping the city just captured, caught them up near Agdam and shot in the territory which was under direct fire from Azerbaijani side?

4. Why, the witnesses and people who have different point of view from the formal one either die, or are in prison orexpelled from the country?

5. Why photos and video footage of victims of the Kosovo events, earthquakes, refugees from other regions andevents are used as factual material illustrating the "Armenian atrocity"?

6.  Why, on the Azerbaijani video footage the same bodies are displayed in the normal state and mutilatedWho scalped them? Why the bodies were mutilated after a few days? (2-3 March)

7. Why civilians were shot in the territory controlled by the Azeri forces?

8. Didn’t Armenians go for a high risk intending to kill civilians in Khodjalu knowing that a large group of Azeri army  was deployed in Aghdam at that time? Stepanakert is behind, Agdam with 35 thousand enemies – in front.

9. Why only Azerbaijanis and livestock were evacuated and survived, but Meskhetians were abandoned to their fate?

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